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Confused? Does this make sense? RVC applying 4 and 5 year course

Hi guys,

So I want to get into rvc accelerated course for vet med because I would be able to afford it (want to move out to) but I was hesitant to add in 5 year course to apply for incase they reject me for the 4 year and invite for interview for the 5 year..and that is exactly what happened lol. I'm confused as to why I got rejected for 4 year course as my application is exactly the same for both courses. I'm pretty sure they don't have any a level requirements as that is the only thing I can think of . Other than that my 2.1 isn't as strong as other candidates but I thought they don't care about the percentage just if you met minimum. I was told its because i didn't meet the threshold to be invited for interview. Can someone explain please.
You’re up against a different group of applicants in each application, and also fighting for a different number of spots. Your answers from the supplementary questionnaire are graded and probably put into a rank (from what I gather), but as there are a different group of applicants for the 4 and 5 year course your rank won’t be the same. And as there is a different number of applicants and also spots for each course (4 year generally having a smaller cohort thus actually more competitive than the 5 year), whether you are below or over the “cut off rank” for an interview can be different, thus it being possible to be rejected for one but not the other. Hope that makes sense, just focus on the positives that you did get an interview 🙂
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I see thank you, makes sense :smile:

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