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Engineering, dentistry or medicine?

Hi I’m a girl in year 11 and since last week I’ve always wanted to do engineering as a course in university, specifically civil or mechanical engineering. I’ve always thought this is what I really wanted to do, until last week my parents said they were not happy about me wanting to be an engineer.

I really respect my parents wants for me and think they have every right to want me to become something I might not agree with, for context my parents are immigrants and my dad is a minicab driver and my mum has no occupation, also my older sister is now studying medicine at university.

Since my parents have worked so hard to get me to where I am I want them to be happy with my career path especially now that my sister has set the bar quite high by currently studying medicine to become a doctor.

I have now started to consider dentistry as I feel it is more closely linked to engineering qualities such as artistic and technical and very hands on also dentistry does interest me, however I’m not gravitating as much towards medicine as I feel it’s harder to get into than dentistry, more years to study, and just overall harder.

I would love for anyone to answer back with what career path I should take between civil engineering, dentistry and medicine.

Since I’m in year 11 it’s becoming time for me to apply to sixth forms and I really need to decide fast which A levels I need/want to do, fyi, I really like maths so I look forward to picking that as an a level!

Thank you for reading I would love to hear what you guys have to say!

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