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Full-time elq exception


I have a university degree but I would like to study psychology full time. I would need full tuition loans and full maintenance loans. Is that possible? If not, what else can I do if I want to study full time? Thank you!
Edit: I have used 4 years of SFE loans for my degree
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Psychology isn’t an exempt course for full time study.
Original post by Daphne26

If not, what else can I do if I want to study full time?

(The document I got this from was last updated Jan 2022)

Full-time exception courses:

graduate entry medicine and dentistry
postgraduate pre-registration healthcare
subjects allied to medicine
initial teacher training

'subjects allied to medicine' tend to be the Allied Health Professions:

Dental hygiene (Honours degree, diploma or foundation degree)
Dental therapy (Honours degree, diploma or foundation degree)
Dental hygiene and dental therapy (Joint or dual honours)
Dietetics and nutrition
Midwifery (Degree Level)
Nursing (Degree Level)
Nursing and social work (Dual honours)
Occupational therapy
Operating department practice (Degree or diploma level)
Prosthetics and Orthotics
Speech and language therapy

And for part-time study:

Medicine and Dentistry
Subjects allied to medicine
Biological and Sport Science
Veterinary Sciences
Agriculture, food and related sciences
Physical Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Engineering and Technology
Geography, Earth and Environmental Studies
(Note that ELQ exemptions just means that you can be considered for funding, previous study rules still apply for most of these courses meaning that 4 years previous study would make you ineligible for a tuition fee loan for the duration of a new degree).

Subjects allied to medicine and ITT courses are also exempt from previous study rules.

Previous study rules for part time courses are FAR more generous and you would be fine to get tuition fee loans for an exempt part time degree with 4 years previous study

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