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Dream: Veterinary Surgeon at 25 with previous degree


The title pretty much says it all and I need to vent...

I'm 25, have a bachelor in Genetics and realised in my last year: I WANT AND NEED TO BE A VET.

Funny how in Scotland it's £35,000 a year to study vet medicine as a graduate and £9000 in England.

ALL I want is to be a vet but I can't afford to. I wish there was any way to make this work.

I've looked into studying abroad etc but I have a partner and dog, so therefore I need to stay in the UK.
Whereabouts do you live? If theres a vet school in the same city as yours then you can use your maintenance loan to fund your normal tuition fees. Thats what one of my friends is doing for medicine
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Have you done any work in a veterinary clinic before? I would advise you to do this as it's quite often not what people expect. If you've done some we will also be able to provide you with more insightful advice on your veterinary application. :smile:
Agree with @louisvbird as it seems you're applying to medical unis this year after being a vet med applicant last year and have also considered PA? Not judging at all, just it is a big decision as you know especially in situations like yours where it is big financial and potentially life changing commitments. Being sure by having done all the work experience needed and a perfect understanding of the career is key, it isn't a career to get into with rose tinted glasses 🙂

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