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Economics essay feedback

Hi, two weeks ago I did a practice essay for my teacher to mark. I ended up getting 7/15. Would anybody have any suggestions as to what I could add to it?
This is AQA Economics A level

Explain the main causes of rising consumption in an economy [15]*
[start]Consumption is the use of goods and services by a household.[/start]
[start]Saving involves putting aside money.[/start]

[start]One of the main causes of rising consumption is due to an increase in income. This can cause household wealth to increase as people have more money from their wages. More people have more disposable income to spend on products and as a result, consumption rises.[/start]
[start]Another main cause of rising consumption is due to consumer confidence. When there is high consumer confidence in an economy, people have high levels of confidence about economic conditions in the future. As a result of this, more money is spent and less is saved.[/start]

[start]A third cause of rising consumption is due to low interest rates. It’s less beneficial to save as you get less money back. It’s cheaper to borrow causing consumers to spend more in the economy.*[/start]

[start]A final cause of rising consumption is due to inflation. Inflation is the persistent increase in the average price level causing goods to be more expensive.* As some goods are necessary, people will still buy them. Higher prices means more money from spending and as a result consumption increases across an economy.*[/start]

[start]A rise in consumption directly boosts aggregate demand (AD) by increasing the demand for goods and services. This leads to a multiplier effect, stimulating business[/start]
[start]*investment, employment, and income.[/start]
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