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Picking up A Level Politics

I'm in Year 12 and I'm taking four subjects: Maths, Further Maths, Economics, and Computing.

I'm really not enjoying Computing, but I'm really interested in taking Politics (I find it very interesting); however, it's too late to switch. So, instead, I was thinking of just learning it at home on my own, and coordinate with the school to take assessments to get the predicted A-Level grade.

I would definitely put a lot of effort into it, and I don't feel stretched at the moment. Does anyone have any advice or done a similar thing? Should I not stretch myself too thinly?
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ah this is a tricky one. i'm not going to tell you that teaching yourself politics will be easy, since it won't be (i do it as an a level - it's a hard subject!). but - and this goes with everything - if you are devoted to politics + desperately want to study it, then who can stop you?
if you don't like computer science + see yourself doing poorly in it, just drop it. no matter what anyone tells you, universities couldn't care less about you having 4 subjects (sorry!) and if you don't even like that 4th subject, what on earth is the point?
the thing about politics is that it's a social science, not mathematical, so it is difficult to know if you're doing it right or not. hopefully you'll be able to go to your teacher + ask them for advice, but if not i'll be happy to help (though my knowledge is limited to year 13 stuff - not degree level like your teachers!!)

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