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Electrical Engineering Degree if bad at practicals?


I am considering various degree options, and one I'm thinking about is Electrical Enginnering.

I've always done well at both physics and maths (Predicted A* in both) so technically I could be accepted onto the course.

I also like the idea of electrical engineering as I think renewable energy is very exciting.

The only thing is, by my own admission, I'm quite bad at practical things. For example, whenever we do a practical in physics A Level, I often set up the aparatus wrong and my brain just doesn't understand it sometimes. However once I've got it set up I'm fine with analysing the results and everything.

Therefore, do you think doing an EE degree would be a bad idea? One thing I probably would be quite bad at is the project work as this is probably very practical.

One the other hand I don't know if I'm being too hard on myself. Do I just need more of a growth mindset to improve my practical skills? It feels like for the majority of other degrees, as long as you meet the entry requirements you should be able to do it, but for things like engineering do you need to consider how good you are at practical work?

Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading

Also i think i put this in the wrong forum not sure if i'm able to change it though
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