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choosing a cambridge college

hay!! im currently trying to choose between cambridge colleges! i should just say based off the course im doing, im only able to apply to 8/9 anyway so i already have zoomed into a couple.

only thing is as a state school person, i'd prefer to be surrounded by less 'posh' students, im really liking newnham but i've spent 7 years in a girls school thus far so it feels a bit stupid to spend 3 more years in one and i'm not well off at all and im just thinking of which is close to both campus and not far from the city but not too expensive for rent!
hey, here is the application stats from 2021, stuff abt numbers of state vs non state pupils is on page 10:
but i would say that the proportion of non state pupils doesn't directly corellate with the vibe of the college - like Robinson has a lot of independent and grammar school (and i'm assuming international) student, but doesn't feel posh or cliquey really
I don't think you will find any college unbearably private schooly tbh, apart from maybe Gonville and Caius

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