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I don't need sleep, I need answers - apprentice GYG P2

Hello my lovely friends and readers.

I had a GYG thread with the same title for the last academic year, and while it is late to start one now in December, better late than never!

So a little about me:

I'm a degree apprentice studying Manufacturing Engineering and I'm currently in my third year out of four.
I work on site four days a week and spend one ridiculously long day on uni work.

My apprenticeship consists of a foundation degree which lasts two years (levels 4 and 5), and a "top up" degree which is spread across another 2 years (level 6). The foundation degree is graded completely separately to the top up, so all of my hard work from the past two years feels like it's been for nothing. Nonetheless I achieved an average of app. 70% in my foundation degree which makes me feel optimistic about the top up.

This year I am studying 4 modules:
Advanced Materials, Operations Management, Product Lifecycle and Advanced Manufacturing.

This is different to the previous two years where I had studied 6 modules each year.

In this GYG I hope to discuss primarily my academic struggles and achievement but maybe some work related stuff as well, in the hopes that some future apprentice comes across this and feels somewhat reassured or more informed/prepared for what's to come.
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So, update number one.

Every single year I had promised myself I'll get better at time management. Have I delivered on that promise? Kind of. Unlike the foundation degree, I have had no late submissions this academic year, and not planning on changing that. Have I left things till the very last minute though? You bet I did. And I severely regretted it. Working full time whilst studying at university doesn't leave me as much time compared to full time students. I spent two very hard weeks doing nothing but uni work every single day after work, and on weekends. But I delivered quality work on the deadlines.

Work has been fairly quiet. I've had to step in for some colleagues who either left or went on holiday which did make me a little stressed. It's difficult to try to replace someone with 5x your experience. Nonetheless, I managed fairly well. I've not taken many holidays throughout the year so I had many days booked in November and December and have been investing that time in my personal relationships and hobbies.

So what's next? About 30-40% of my work for this semester has been submitted and I am quite happy with its quality (although upon comparing with my uni friends after submission, I know what I could have/should have done better). I've got two big assignments due at the start of Jan. One of them I'd say I'm halfway done with, the other one... well not so much.

My lecturers advised against working during the Christmas period, but will I listen? Hell no. This is the only time I'll get in a while to do my work in peace without having to worry about a billion other things.

Current plan: work my ass off on these assignments so I only have editing left to do in January.

Is this realistic? Hypothetically yes. Knowing myself? I highly doubt that. I work best under pressure (and I don't mean this in an interview lie kind of way, the stress genuinely stimulates me and helps me work better, faster, more efficiently).

Till next time!

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