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Bath vs Loughborough questions (regarding football aspect)


I am applying to either Loughborough (BSc Sports & Exercise Science) or Bath (BSc Sports & Exercise Science). I have looked through both models, and they are fairly similar and I am indifferent really to the city itself. Even though LBoro has slightly better and more sports facilities, both are beyond doubt good enough.

I am more interested in the sports side and progressing to a pro-level in football while having a backup plan with a BSc. Here are my questions regarding both unis:
1. Is the level of BUCS premier (south or north) actually high? Or is it more of a show thing, does it have any "status" in the footballing world, outside of Unis.
2. Do the managers offer networking to other non-uni related teams higher up in the footballing pyramid?
3. What are the main benefits of being in the performance football program at Lboro, or the dual career athlete program at Bath? What are the differences between them? and more specifics!
Here are my Qs for Bath:
1. How many people usually rotate and train/play with Bath City FC men's team or U21s? This is a key factor in my decision-making, as Lboro has it's own team but considerably lower in the football league system (Step 5 vs Step 2).

Thanks for taking your time to answer!
Hi there @tomC18 ,

Thanks for your questions - amazing to hear you are interested in sport and exercise science! Bath and Loughborough are both fantastic choices for sport - so whichever you choose I am confident you'll have a fantastic experience. Here are a few general tips I'd recommend for choosing which is right for you:

The course/modules - you have doubtless done this already! However getting as familiar as you can with the modules on offer on each course and how they are assessed is always helpful. Which ones spark your interest most? Any which line up with your ambitions in football/future career goals or you think you would really enjoy?

You say you're indifferent towards the city? This is definitely a plus! However it is definitely still worth visiting bot Bath and Loughborough if you can as being there and checking out the what's around, transport links, shopping, things to do etc can be a great way to get the feel of the place and whether it 'feels right' for you. Its potentially going to be your home for 3-4 years plus, so its definitely worth finding a place you feel you can see yourself being happy.

Other opportunities - what other opportunities are available on each course and at each university? What kinds of placements or study abroad opportunities are there? Bath have over 100 different societies, and sports teams range from novice to national and international/olympic levels. We also have a large network of pro coaches, physios and sports psychologists to support athletes - here's a page on the football programme :smile:.

I'd also recommend chatting to current Sport students is a great way to find out about the degree from the student perspective - here's a link to bath's Bath's Unibuddy page - Loughborough will probably have something similar on their website.

In terms of your individual questions, although I am a Bath graduate I am by no means an athlete so may not be best placed to help you here! However some good contacts for you are our athlete support team: [email protected]; Team Bath Sports, and also general Undergrad admissions: [email protected], who will be able to tell you more about how the dual-career athlete programme works.

I hope this helps - very best of luck in your next steps and in your journey into football - please post more if you have any more Qs!

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