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Sidra's experience studying a Master's at Bradford

Sidra has been working as a trained accountant for over 10 years, running a successful family accountancy business, Sendtax, with her father and brother since 2017.

Having previously completed a postgraduate qualification in business administration to expand her accounting skill set, she decided she wanted to explore a Master's programme in finance and investment to keep ahead of market changes and improve her firm's offering to clients.

This is Sidra's story.


The skills to drive my business forward
I want to specialise in the ever-evolving landscape of financial services.

As an accounting and business consultant, I've built up years of practical knowledge and experience on the job, but if I'm going to drive my business forward, I need to move with the market and expand my skill set.

Part of that is launching our mortgage advice service, so I'm currently completing an online degree in mortgage advice along with completing my Master's at Bradford.

After researching different universities and their Master's programmes, the University of Bradford's MSc Finance and Investment course appealed to me. My clients increasingly ask me about different ways to invest their money, and I want to be able to guide them with authority. I joined the course in September 2023.

The course has exceeded my expectations. I'm learning so much. I'm learning about investment and finance related to stocks and investments, and how to diversify investments for net gains. It's a full-time course, so I'm on campus three days a week, attending classes Monday to Wednesday. I have reduced my hours at work to accommodate my studies; it's a short-term loss for a long-term gain.

As well as investment, I've been inspired by the business leadership module, which has enhanced my business skills. We’re covering a dynamic range of subjects, and I’m enjoying gaining expertise in different areas of finance. Most of the people on the course are like me and already working in the sector. They come from varied backgrounds and different cultures, so we all learn from each other and share our different experiences and skills for the benefit of others.

My experience running an accountancy firm, coupled with the specialist skills and knowledge my Master’s will give me, will put me in the best position to service my clients and stay ahead of changing market needs.

Providing everything clients need
The financial services world is changing.

Many of my clients own businesses and need advice in a diverse range of fields. I don’t want them to go elsewhere for that advice; I want them to be able to get everything they need from us in one place. This Master’s allows me to offer that entire service.

I’m able to answer clients’ questions with authority and offer better value advice, and that’s only three months into the study programme.

It’s important to gain skills that allow you to keep up with the market. I’d recommend anyone in the sector to consider this course if you want to hone your expertise and increase your earning potential.

There’s no age limit for study, and learning and returning to university is fun! It’s a significant time of my life, and I plan on working hard and making memories during my time at Bradford.

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