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“I wanted to be part of this change in the world.”

Anabel was a successful IT consultant living in Mexico, but she was keen to advance her career with a UK degree qualification in MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. She relocated to Bradford to study for a Master’s here and hasn't looked back since.

This is Anabel’s story.


A future-proof career option
I could see where the AI market was going. I have always been good with managing data but I wanted to learn more about how to apply AI in different settings. Improving my technical skills in these areas increased my chances of getting better employment.

The offering at Bradford really stood out
Artificial Intelligence is changing the world, I want to help people and organisations embrace it and use it for good. I found that the Bradford MSc specialised in both AI and data in one course, unlike other universities.

Hands-on experience
During my placement, my role was to improve the quality of data, create new reports and bring new technical solutions to the organisation. Following my graduation, I've now been offered full-time employment.

Final thoughts and advice
With my new AI skills and knowledge, I have accelerated my career. Getting this job just a few months after finishing my Master's was a real achievement for me. I never thought I'd do that so fast and wouldn't have known how to start without the University. I feel the world is my oyster now.

My advice to new students is to take heaps of help from the careers service, your professor and your peers. Sometimes it's better to ask! And do a placement. Look where it got me.
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