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french aqa mocks

heyy guys so i have my french mocks and would really like some tips (especially for listening)
As a French tutor the best thing I can say for listening is just to do a lot. A personal favourite tricky is to do karaoke to French Disney songs - you probably know them a bit in English already so you can just read and sing along to the words in French. It will take practice but if you try to do one song for a few days you will notice an improvement. French has a lot of vowels so a big part of the problem is learning to hear where words start and stop from the general flow, so the more you listen the better, even if you don’t understand everything or even if you barely understand anything.
Otherwise, vocab and the tenses are your best friends for french. Make sure you know your present, perfect, imperfect, simple future, near future and conditional for your regular verbs and the main irregulars (about, être, faite, aller and maybe tenir too) and do as much vocab as you can, and you’ll understand and be able to say a lot more.

Good luck!
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I have mocks soon and I know how you feel! With listening, if you know songs that you know by heart, learn them in French! You will notice a slight difference as you practise! Writing and speaking may be the easiest if you put them together! They will help you memorize and you can learn them by heart! Reading, look for words that will help you and things you could substitute for that word for example, devoir, savoir! PM me if you are stuck!

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