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Civil Service Degree Apprenticeship Personal Statement

Can anyone help or know of any resources specific to the civil service apprenticeship applications? I can’t even find many YouTube videos on it!!

I’ve kind of used my UCAS personal statement as a base, then adjusting but I’m kind of struggling, especially on points 2 & 3 below.

Job advert says:

“Your statement should include the following: 
1. Why you are interested in the apprenticeship; 
2. How you are planning to balance work and study; 
3. How you are planning to keep yourself motivated and keep track of your performance.”

Everything I find online about civil service personal statement talk about relevant skills/ behaviours so I presume I write about these too? (I suppose that could go under the why)

Anyone got any tips for how to answer their number 2 and 3? Do I need to be specific? Or is it more like I developed time management/ organisational skills through my studies and employment?

How to stay motivated - can I say something along the lines of ‘My end goal of an established career without student debt’ or is that too me, me, me? How do I keep track of performance - is that just talking to your mentors?

Thanks in advance :smile:

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