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UCL VS Warwick Engineering for IB as a Career

Hello, I’m a Y13 studying Maths, Chemistry and Physics at A-level (I also got an A* in the CyberEPQ). I plan to work in finance when I’m older, but thought of engineering as a good route to keep doors open as nowadays they just want mathematically intense degrees rather than plain economics.

I currently hold an offer from Imperial College for Chemical Engineering MEng, but the offer is 3 A*s is difficult so choosing my reserve is a very important decision.

I have an offer from Warwick for General Engineering (A*AA MEng / AAA BEng), and am waiting to hear from UCL for a chemical engineering MEng (AAA offer). Having in mind I want to work in finance after engineering (so will join finance societies, will do internships related to those), which is the better choice for reserve? I know UCL has a higher reputation internationally (and I want to move from where I live in London after getting some years of work experience here) and probably nationally by a bit too, but their engineering courses don’t have brilliant reviews from past students.

Note, I also have an AAA offer from Bath (reduced from A*AA due to EPQ), but this isn’t as much of a target uni for the big finance companies as the other two.


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