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Chances at Warwick Bsc Economics?

Recently I recieved a rejection from LSE Economics due to less competitive GCSES (9988777665: 9 in Eng Lang, 7 in Maths). I'm feeling really disheartened because I expected a rejection, just not one this early- especially since I put so much effort into what I did for my PS. I really pushed myself in year 12 (esp Maths and FM) to get A*A*A*A predicted in maths, FM, English and Econ respectively. Nevertheless I'm not completely heartbroken because Warwick was always my top choice, but they're extremely competitive too, I feel like all this work was for nothing. How much do Warwick scrutinize your GCSEs? I know their website says they want multiple As and A*s but is that code for basically saying they want mostly 9s like LSE?
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