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Do I have the profile for a top PhD in Finance in the US?

Hey everyone,

After working for a year in risk at a BB I’ve realised I wanna teach/do research in the US rather than work in corporate. I have a BSc in Management/Finance from Warwick (First Class), cleared the CFA L1 (which covers economics), now applying for MSc (I know it’s not needed for the US, but I’m late for PhD apps already, sick of my job, and wanna maximise my chances). I’ve applied to Imperial/LSE MSc Finance. My worry is that these programmes are rather “practice” oriented and lack economics training. In fact, one of my main worries is my general lack of economics/quant/math training (not that I know nothing about econ). Would I be better off by doing MSc Finance and Economics at Warwick? I’ve seen people saying that an MSc in Finance is paradoxically bad for a PhD in Finance??

Programmes wise, where could my profile get? Are things like Cornell, Berkeley, Stanford within my reach? Or should I go for “tier 2”?


PD have not cleared my GRE yet but let’s assume it won’t the issue.
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