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Snapchat memories not loading

So I lost my Snapchat memories last year in August. What happened was I backed up my phone on my birthday around 1 am and the day after my birthday the memories from before my birthday all the way to 2019 were completely grey. Noting these were from my eyes only cause idk I randomly decided to add things to my eyes only in 2019. So 2018 and before were on memories and 2019 and after were all on my eyes only. I done everything and anything to fix the problem. I cleared Snapchat cache, I deleted the Snapchat all and re downloaded it, I restarted my phone, I logged in from other devices, I try saving the snaps to camera roll but it kept saying failed to send. I tried these steps every day for like a month and none worked. I tried downloading my Snapchat data but for some reason it would say it’s loading but the next day it was say failed to download idk why is it cause of storage? Because I have a lot in my phone and I have an iCloud subscription to add more storage there as well. Anyways I tried so many times for months and I contacted Snapchat but no reply. I lost pictures of everything from holiday pictures to my late dad who passed away last year etc it was so heartbreaking and I just gave up and accepted it. However today I was starting to randomly have those problems again with my new memorie, luckily I saved these twice so I had a backup of my new memories. I deleted the all and they came back but the memories are still being slow and loading a lot. Anyways my question is has this happened to anyone before and do you think there’s a chance I can get my old memories back? Does anyone know any other way I can fix this pls pls pls let me know I will be so grateful

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