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I'm gay and I really want a partner, but I don't know how to start something.

Hi, I'm 16 and around this time last year, I confirmed to myself that I'm gay. My parents found out then too and because of my religion, life's been very difficult since then. At 1st, I used omegle/snapchat, which in hindsight was very very bad. I even had the police come and speak to me about that to make sure I'm ok. I stopped that in December last year. Then I started using Discord and had a few BF's but it never went well. The reason I resorted to online was because I never had any experience of dating anyone, let alone a gay person. Also, I went to a secondary school where everyone was homophobic (religious boys school) so I didn't have anyone around me to date.

Now, I go to an LGBT youth club and my new 6th form has many gay people but no-one seems interested in dating. I just want to love someone and have someone love me back, and help me discover and love myself, as my anxiety gets in the way of things, especially with self-love. However, I have no clue how to start something and date irl, or any signs I need to look out of etc, and there is no one to date. I'm a very outgoing person and have the courage to talk to anyone. Can anyone help me out please? Thanks!!!
The first thing is, why do you want to have a romantic relationship? You're still young and have your whole life ahead of you. You don't need a boyfriend to help you learn yourself and make you feel better; just remember that.

I would say that what you're doing already is fine. The LGBTQ club will probs have loads of cool peopleEspecially as you're so young, I wouldn't look for anything too serious by using a dating app or anything.

Just remember that life always finds a way and I'm sure that you'll find your life partner one day.

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