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Which tech jobs don’t have math in there job

I wanna get in tech but don’t like math like what jobs have it like know AI/ML Engineers do and game development but what about a devops engineer a cloud engineer a cloud solutions architect or get in cyber security and be an engineer or architect or specialist and analyst or project management software development I think data analyst and science have it like data scientist analyst and engineer
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Most software developer jobs don't require intensive maths but mathematical thinking and problem solving is definitely up there. The reason you likely don't like maths is because you find it hard and the reason you find it hard is because you don't practice it because it is a skill. You can't learn maths over night just like you can't learn music or programming over night so the key is to do little and often and not give up if you find it difficult. If you don't like maths, chances are you will not enjoy most of tech because that dogged determination to succeed in the face of failure is one of the key traits that is required to be good in tech.

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