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Computing course requirements help please

I’m wanting to do a computing course in college, but im homeschooled so im only learning maths, English language, science and also English literature but my English literature isn’t good at all. If I take another GCSE instead of English literature maybe computer science. Could I still meet the requirements of 4 GCSEs for a computing course. I hope this made sense, I’d appreciate any answers thankyou.
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It is completely up to you! Computer Science GCSE is beneficial as the course in college will be 60-70% GCSE content with some areas being looked at in more depth with the extra 30-40% being new content. However, I wouldn't say it is crucial to do GCSE in order to do it at college. Whatever you decide, definitely develop your programming skills. Most colleges use Python as their main language, but please ask before you start to learn it! There are loads of resources online for learning the language - my fave is as it has different levels for Python as well as courses for other languages. If you need anymore advice, drop me a message - I did GCSE & A-Level computer science & now at uni doing Cyber Security for reference.

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