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What would theoretically happen if nobody wants to study a specific subject (6thform)

Say that everyone hates DT so there's a cohort where nobody picks the subject. What would the teachers do? Do they just stop the subject for one year?
Depends on the sixth form. Most have minimum numbers that they need for each subject, my sixth form didn't run language A-levels generally as a result of this, but some and some for some courses will run it anyway. You should ask the Sixth form and teachers involved to find out which applies for you
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Note that I don't want to do DT haha I picked CS, Maths, FM, Physics.

I was just asking since my DT teacher looked so happy and said 'We're expanding class sizes for A-Level' and said 'Put your hand up if you are picking DT for A-Level' and only one guy put their hand up. It was a bit funny but also quite sad I hope he didn't die inside

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