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What is the best way to revise English Literature (WJEC) ?

Hello, I am currently in Year 10 and I have just studied A Christmas Carol and some poems from the Poetry Anthology (WJEC). As I have started revising I have noticed that I haven't been remembering as much information as I should so I was wondering if anyone has advice on the best way to revise A Christmas Carol or poetry or if anyone knows any useful videos or websites.
Kind regards, Georgia (Y10 - England)
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Didn't do christmas carol myself, but these are WJEC top tips.

QUOTES QUOTES QUOTES - learn 3 quotes to each key theme and character, some of them will intertwine. And don't underestimate small quotes, for example if a character has a nickname that's repeated - analyse it! Is it to undermine them? Is it to show familiarity? Does it add secrecy if we don't know their real name?

Summarise each chapter into 3-4 bullet points, learn these as flashcards, know the content like the back of your hand

Read, reread, reread again! At least read the book 3 times.

Talk about small moments - not all the time but lets say one event was mentioned in chapter 2 which isn't key to the main plot but ties into a big theme, that's the author subtly conveying theme x through y.

Poetry is practice, in the exam make a plan quickly of what to say and then pick 5 key parts to analyse. Have an intro and conclusion with personal opinion, talk about themes, tone and structure throughout.

YT will have plenty of videos for christmas carol analysis

Practice past papers and ask teacher to mark it for you

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