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What to do if your English teacher is not teaching you?

I'm an A* student and aiming to get an overall A* in WJEC GCSE Language, however my teacher has, with no exaggeration, not taught us anything. She plans other classes' lessons during ours and lets us use our phones, sometimes not even *pretending* to teach us.
As my school sits Literature in year 10 and Language in year 11, I have already got my Literature grade (A*) however my Literature exam was by far the lower grade (a mid A) that I received, and English has always been my strongest subject historically. In my set one class also only had one A*, and a few people did not even pass - and my teacher taught us more in Year 10 than this year!
It's only a week until the exam, and although I have been revising and know that I will pass (unless I answer none of the questions), I have not had any instruction on exam technique. I barely even know the questions that will come up, despite being very organised. I really need a past paper marking and I can't do it myself but I know my teacher won't respond to any emails. I really don't even know where to start in what to revise, even though I've turned the syllabus into a google sheet. Any advice would be gratefully received!!
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I sympathise with you because my GCSE English was also very disrupted, with the teacher going on long-term sick leave for most of Year 11.

I'd look through past papers, if you haven't already, to familiarise yourself with the style of questions you'll have to answer, and try answering as many of them as you can to practise answering them.

I would speaking to a form tutor or another teacher you get on with, but I have to be realistic and if it's a week to go then even if the situation could be resolved it would be much too late to teach very much of the lost learning.
Yes, I realise that - although with all subjects I know if I gave myself even 2 days of straight revision I could easily go from not knowing much to an A* but then I’m already aware of the context. It’s half term right now and I’ve already mentioned this to head of English and two other teachers but unfortunately nothing’s got done.
Again, I know that I will do well because my english is very good but I still don’t understand that markschemes and what is expected of me

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