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GCSE Eng Language resit Y12 (help)

I'm in y12, have my mocks around mid April, however I'm thinking of resitting English language as I need a 6 for most courses I'm interested in however I got a 5 in my GCSE. Doing Bio Maths Chem currently predicted AAB (internal assessments), is it possible to achieve a 6 in language right after my mocks and before the actual exam (bare in mind I have no clue how far off I was from a 6 since my head of English wanted to be Hollywood with me on results day but I don't think I was that far off despite flopping Q5 on paper 1)

2 Questions:
If I somehow get a worse grade than my original am I able to pick which one to use on UCAS?
Am I able to resit it in November? (and is it recommended)

Sidenote: I have a guaranteed contextual offer/interview with University of Bristol (since they only need a 5) but I don't think its smart to place all my odds on 1 University

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