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Need advice on occupational specalism task 2 (T-Level DPDD)

I do not know how much documentation for task 2 I actually need to do. I did a mock recently and got a Merit, and my tutor did not have any feedback on my documentation, just feedback on some minor improvements for the solution and including screenshots in the testing. What I find so concerning is that I am practically screenshotting every line of code I write, and then if I change that line of code I document the change. The documentation ends up being about 80 ish pages. This takes an enourmous amount of time and it means I am rushed to do testing and actually implement the solution.

The distinction example has absouletely no development documentation, and instead only shows the end code with the corresponding page and a brief explanation of that page, this does not seem correct and my tutor has told me to ignore anything pearson does. I also have a very small amount of time to screenshot the pages, explain what it does and then screenshot the code for said page at the end. In total I end up with near 150 pages just for task 2 documentation alone. What is the correct one here?

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