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Work anxiety

I have been at my job for little over a year now. I work full time as an infosec analyst for a charity. I like working here because I have anxiety and they are accepting and supportive of those with mental health issues.

However I keep worrying about losing my job because I keep making mistakes. I don’t know if this is just my anxiety making me doubt my abilities. I just can’t shake this feeling off

I am also still a uni student which they are aware of and my boss encourages my learning a lot. This is also my first job. I understand that making mistakes is how we learn and that making them is inevitable. But everytime I make one my anxiety is worse each time. How can I cope with this and/or reduce my anxiety and doubts?
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Has anyone at work raised any issues with the quality of your work? Do you have any real evidence that your job is under threat because of the quality of your work?
If neither is the case, then it is likely that you are just being too hyperaware of any mistake you make and the consequent anxiety is undermining your self confidence. It's definitely not a good frame of mind to have because, as you say yourself, you are acutely affected each time you make what you consider to be an error.
Clearly, you are a bit stuck in this mindset - but it is possible to get out of it.
First, as you already have acknowledged, truly accept that we all make mistakes, no one, not one single person in the world can avoid making mistakes.
Second, that mistakes come in many shapes and sizes. Some are miniscule, some are major. Are you lumping all mistakes, big and small, together? Can you start by learning to let go of the small, less significant ones?
Third, keep a notebook with any "errors" made - make a note to self of how you would deal with the same task if you encoutered it again - then close the notebook. Revisit these notes at a future date to reflect upon them. It's amazing how quickly some problems fizzle out quite quickly.

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