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Hi all.

I had come to do my Masters in 2021 and had got a full time sponsorship job even before graduating in Accounting in 2022. It was perfect until December when the company had laid off few graduates including myself (it is a smaller accounting firm but had a sponsorship license).

Since I am an international resident I was just left with 60 days to figure some thing out and was left with no option but to choose a short term course and switch to a student visa by paying additional fees for the course as well as the visa myself. I had tried to apply for few graduate schemes under the gun but was rejected because of my visa status then (skilled worker) and companies only are permitted to recruit people on "Student" visa or "PSW". Now I cannot reapply to them because of the 6 month rule and I am kind of running of out graduate scheme role options. I graduate in July so I am looking for ways to secure any graduate scheme roles in any company starting before end of July. I have student loans and need to support my family as well. And none of this was my fault but the implications have hit me hard. Considering all of this, I honestly cannot really financially afford to apply for a PSW.

I know everybody is trying to secure a job and I am no different. But if you can suggest any grad schemes to apply to, tips to perform well in any assessments, ways to find a sponsored job in Accounting or Finance or anything else that you think can help me in this situation, I would be BEYOND grateful to you.

Thank you so much in advance. I really hope the best for everyone!
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very sorry to read this and i regret that i can't offer any better advice, all i can say is that i think applying for graduate schemes would be wasted time and effort for the primary reason that they wont start until september and you need something sooner than that. besides that you have professional experience which will work in your favour applying for 'normal' jobs, but won't necessarily make you a better candidate for a grad scheme
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There are a few graduate schemes open on graduate job websites such as Brightnetwork or Gradcracker, filter them based on your degree and you'll find many open with deadlines in weeks and months

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