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Are my GCSEs good enough for dentistry?

I was wondering if applying to dentistry is realistic for me? I know most people applying will have majority 8s and 9s and I hope to apply to dental schools in london. My dream dental school being QMUL.
My grades are: 887777766.

I also wanted ask if i could do anything to make my application better. I have had work experience at an orthodontist and have more work experience at a primary school. Should I start volunteering and practicing a skill for manual dexterity? Sorry for the long post its my first time posting!

Thank you.
QMUL only looks at predicted grades and UCAT - as long as your GCSEs meet minimum requirements it should be fine. Dental schools don’t really care about manual dexterity - they would rather you develop your interpersonal skills as they can teach man dex at school but not how to be empathetic and kind. Try get work experience in a dental environment or any clinical setting (e.g. hospital, care home) and try get some volunteering work!

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