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conditional offers and mental health issues

I’m looking to go to Newcastle university next year and my offer is AAA. Is there any way I can get my offer adjusted if my ongoing mental health issues are making it near impossible for me to sit my Spanish speaking exam (worth 30% of my overall grade)? I’m confident I can achieve the grades in my other subjects (potentially even an A*) but I will not be getting very good grades in my speaking exam under any circumstances.

Is there anything I can do in this situation or do I just need to accept that I will be going to my insurance university? Help!!!!
Have your school applied for extenuating circumstances?

Universities would expect exhausting options with the exam board first before they take into account ECs.

If you contact Newcastle they’ll explain how to formally apply for ECs with them. You might need to submit evidence (like a doctors note explaining that they have tried everything to help you and your mental health is still causing problems) or supporting statements from your school/college.

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