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SGUL deferred or St Andrews

Hello! As stated by the title, I have a deferred offer from SGUL for 2025 entry, and I also have a normal offer from St Andrews medical school.
I’m having quite a hard time deciding between the two, I think they both have positives & negatives, so at the moment I don’t exactly prefer one of the other. I’m alright with taking a gap year, and I guess I’m alright with not taking a gap year too.

Does anyone with any sort of knowledge of any of the two med schools, or even just experience of any of the two areas, have any advice or info they could give me that could help me make a decision, or I guess share their opinion?

St Andrews is also a 6 year course meaning no matter which one I choose, I would graduate the same year. A gap year could potentially allow for me to get a job and save up some money, as my loan wouldn’t go much farther than covering rent.
Also notable that I believe I get an increased maintenance loan in London, bot in St Andrews and rent-wise St Andrews is seeming to be more expensive at least for first year.

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