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science GCSE help

Hi, I hope you all are well.

science (AQA - combined higher): grade unknown for combined higher but before I was use to do combined science: Biology grade 5, Chemistry grade 3, Physics grade 4. Please let me know how I can achieve at least grade 6 in combined higher science. I want to achieve grade 6/7 in bio, grade 5/6 in chemistry and grade 6 in physics so please help me.

I think that doing lots of past paper questions will help you- I use PMT, which is quite useful for past paper questions. Seneca and Cognito are also sites that a lot of people like using. Make flashcards of all of the definitions and formulae etc. for the sciences- use these to build your knowledge first. If you do not understand the content, for gcse that isn't that necessary and you can get away with just memorising information. Aim for about 1-2 hours a day and more on weekends if you can.

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