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Ever since coming back after the half-term holiday, I've felt really stressed and like quiting. Honestly it's as if my flight or fight response has been triggered- and I'm a flight. The thing is, I do enjoy my a-levels and I'm doing well in all of them, however I simple don't feel the motivation to continue with them. I can't place the reason why either, I'm not struggling with the workloads or deadlines-I've been able to manage all my work around my free periods-I've also not been struggling socially with people in my class, I have a lot of friends across my different classes. Yet sometimes I'll be sitting in class and I'll just think "I don't want to do this anymore". I can't tell whether it's impulsive thoughts, my laziness or something else. My issue is, I have no real plans for after college, I know I want to go to University, but my primary reason for that is so I can leave home. I have no career paths or even any idea of what course to do in uni. So, in my mind, there's nothing to work for, during my a-levels. I'm just stuck.

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