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What A-levels should I choose for optometry

I am think of choosing biology and maths as my a levels but also physical education as my 3rd. Is it ok if I choose PE or do I have to choose another science subject.
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I'm currently in Y13 and i applied for optometry 2024 sept and i recieved all my offers. You many think for optom the best subjects are Maths, Biology and Chemistry. But i'm currently studying Biology,Math and Business. Business i quite random subject even tho im going to do optom in uni. You must do u research because some unis ask for MATHS AND BIOLOGY and then u cld pick a subject of ur choice. I think if u pick PE you will be fine as i got accepted from all my universities even tho i do business.
So i think u will be fine and will get accpeted by the unis of ur choice if u do PE as ur 3rd subjects but u MUST pick biology and maths.

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