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how's worcester college at oxford for visiting students?

hey everyone! currently an undergrad across the pond in the united states. i recently received an offer to study abroad at worcester college, oxford for spring 2025 (trinity and hilary). i'm super thrilled! looking to see if anyone has any personal insights about the culture, living conditions, and thoughts about the college, particularly for visiting students. would be happy to answer how studying in the US if anyone is interested is in exchange for some answers about worcester college! thanks in advance!
Hi! I'm in the exact same position as you right now (Worcester, spring 2025), and I'm having similar trouble deciding what to do, so I'm just commenting to come back to this post.
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Hi! I'm a (home) student at a different college in Oxford, so I can't offer much in the way of advice for visiting students from the US - but I can say that Worcester is a really beautiful college and the student community seems very friendly. :smile: There are a few youtube videos by Jing and Sienna Santer about the experiences of US visiting students in Oxford if you don't hear from anyone here.

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