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Bristol vs RVC vs Glasgow veterinary school

I have received conditional offers from Bristol vs RVC vs Glasgow veterinary school and am unsure which one too choose. They all seem to be great school have the same type and number of accreditation, and have a similar curriculum structure. Any advice on how to choose?
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What type of city do you want to live in? I personally can’t stand high rise cities like London (probably because I live so close to it) but have fallen in love with Bristol as a city because it still kind of has that small town vibe.
What learning method do you want? At Bristol we do a lot of CBL which most of the other vet schools do very little of. Campus, do you want to be around vets more or do you want a range of courses? Distance for the uni could be another factor… idk much about Glasgow unfortunately but I am a Bristol first year so I can help with any of those questions x
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I can also answer any questions you might have about the RVC in a 3rd year student on the BVetMed course! :smile: x

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