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its so close to exams, i am trying to revise Macbeth and it is so overwhelming, I don't know where to start. I really want to improve my grade but I am so confused by everything
Hey! I didn’t study Macbeth, but I found Quizlet a really great resource to help me as the premade flashcards and quizzes already on there for topics, so I’d recommend checking it out. Also YouTube is good for short summaries and revision videos that you can maybe make note from. I’d also recommend completing key quote mind maps per character or theme or scene which can act as a good summary and can help you to structure, essays and learn quotes more easily. I’d recommend some draft essay plans as well and having a look at Mark schemes at this stage in your revision, you won’t have to write out everything, but making sure that you know how to answer each question and the sort of things that you would write in it, even making bullet points would be helpful. Good luck with your exams and if you have any more questions about anything, feel free to reach out☀️

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