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The thing below is my draft for my english assessment for next week can anyone help to make any changes to this writing and the approximate grade maybe

Everyone has a lot of expectations on their last day of primary school. So did I, with numerous expectations - from planning my outfit days in advance to experiencing the final emotional minutes of class, 6JM. Missing "last week of school" is not so bad, but missing "the last week of school" is just unacceptable.​

So, It started with my mom entering my room to wake me up and then randomly screaming at the top of her voice when she looked at me. This was quite bizarre initially, and I maintained a puzzled expression for a minute while my mom scanned me from head to toe, focusing on my face. However, it wasn't my face; it was my chin, my throat. I hadn't even mentioned my sore throat to anyone, but she was staring right where I felt discomfort. As my eyebrows furrowed, and my face tensed, my mom asked, "What on earth have you done to yourself?". My eyebrows shot up again. I couldn't recall applying anything to my face. I hadn't even brought any makeup yet. What could have I done to myself?​

My face looked like it had been stung by wasps. Not only was my face rosy red, but my hands, legs, and feet were too. Moreover, there was a lump.​
"A lump?" I wondered. It covered more than half of my jaw. Despite its unsightly appearance, the rashes weren't itchy or painful, and neither was the lump.​

My mom started to panic and called 999. She kept repeating, "My daughter has done something to herself" over and over. In no time, the ambulance arrived, and they checked the lump and rashes before driving us to the hospital. The doctor examined me multiple times, inspecting the rashes and the lump in a thorough examination.​

We arrived at the hospital, and the medical staff led us to the F1 children's unit. The waiting time was exhausting, with just my mom, me, and a nurse in the echoing room. There was nothing to do; no phone, no laptop, no TV, or anything to pass the time. Every minute felt like an hour.

So, I decided to search for "How to cure a lump under my chin." on my mom's phone. The first one said that it needed a ' surgical removal', the second said that it may require 'surgery under anesthesia', and the third said that 'the treatment may be medical therapy or a combination of surgery'. You might be thinking these quotes are fabricated for the essay, but even if you search the same thing, you will see the exact quotes that I 'copy-pasted' in the essay.​

I could feel my hair, which had become rough, stiff, and sticky, as I ran my fingers through it. The room started to feel stuffy and airless, making it hard to breathe. I clutched my hair tighter and tighter as tears streamed down my face one after another.​

A second later, A mysterious fourth person examined me briefly and left. Shortly after, another person introduced herself as a doctor, explaining my condition using medical terms,' erythema and ' left submandibular lymphadenopathy ', with only prescribed tablets. I was confused. I needed help. Did anyone care if a 10-year-old kid died? Gosh! She must have been joking about my life right now, but my mom told me to trust a doctor who had studied this for around 11-17 years over an over-dramatic internet search. On the other hand, I was thankful that I wasn't part of a blurry hallway selfie or last-second snap.

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