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Vote For March Book of the Month: TSR Book Club

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March Book of the Month

Persuasion - Jane Austen 33%
Wuthering Heights 25%
Around the World in 80 Days42%
Total votes: 12
Dear all,
Thank you for those who left such incredible book suggestions for the March Book of the Month!

Above are 3 books that have been shortlisted to be March's Book of the Month! Scroll down ⬇️ to read the blurbs for each book so you know what you are voting for ☺️! The poll closes on Tuesday 19th March 2024, and after the book is chosen - I recommend buying/borrowing the book from a library so that we can discuss this a month later on 19th April 2024!

(February Book of the Month discussion also opens on March 19th :biggrin:!)

Happy voting :smile:!

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Excellent choices! Read them all and all great classics imo. Very happy to reread. My favourite is Persuasion but that is just a personal thing.
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