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What were your favourite childhood magazines?

What was your favourite childhood magazines?
Top of the pops
Smash hits
N-Zone and Kids-Zone.

Magazines I read to be up to date for Nintendo games and animes and anime movies. I have no idea whether they still exist.
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When I was very young my favorites were Spirou, asterix and the belgian comics. I also really liked the fantastic four, but at that time i had a hard time finding what i wanted. Disney Comics were also big in my childhood, and i especially enjoyed the comics published in large hard cover format, old classics.

I did not read prose magazines for hobbies.
I loved the beano and the jacqueline wilson magazine.On occasion i got the cbeebies or charlie and lola magazine I also remember their was a animalmagazine called animal friends which was rlly cute
Quiz kids to start off with, Bunty and GirlTalk then in my teens moved on to Shout then Sugar.
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