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I have got E in my AS levels 2nd mocks . My subjects r chem bio n maths. Chem n bio I have got B grade . Does the school has the right to withdraw me from my board exams? Can they do that I'm very stressed 😥 I dint get time to revise please help I don't want to miss my boards in may n June 2024
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Yes, but in reality its unlikely they will do this as you would then only be studying two subjects and that below a normal study-load and therefore they wont get funding for you. Have they threatened this, or are you just worried they could?
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Yes before mocks they had told us to sign a undertaking which I dint sign. They have warned us that the might not allow me to sit for the boards I have already paid for the exams . What does funding means regarding this matter?
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Are you resident in the UK.

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