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HELPPPPPP me for economics essay structures

Hi there,

I am so confused as to how to structure 10/12/15 and 25 markers. (edexcel A)

I'm aware that the basic structure is:

- Point
- Evaluate
- Point
- Evaluate

(judgement for 25 marker)

But where i struggle is the content of the point.
I have been told by a tutor that the point can be anything as long as it meets the KAA requirements and the evaluation can be a drawback of that point or a reason why the point may not hold.

What i currently do is:

for example if the question is about assessing the impact on rising wages on firms i would:

Point: it would negatively impact them because...
evaluate paragraph: why some may not be negatively impacted such as low staff numbers or high use of capital

Point: it would positively impact them because... maybe makes them more productive as they train staff
evaluate paragraph: reasons why the positive impact may not hold such as firms will just layoff staff leading to high redundancy costs.

I know that typically people write paragraphs that are:
-Then evaluate with against

But is the way i do it correct as i am so confused.

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