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NTU or LCC??

I’ve gotten offers to study at both unis but I’m undecided on which one to choose. One being Design for Art Direction at LCC (part of the broader UAL) and the other Design for Film and TV at Nottingham Trent. I really like both courses, industry connects are good and the work students make on both courses are really good.

I’m leaning more towards LCC because of the prestige and the fact that it’s in London, one of the most creative cities in the world. The fact that I would get to experience being an art student in London also excites me.
However I’m not sure if I’d get to experience the whole uni lifestyle and I’m not sure how good the social life is at LCC. Also I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about UAL as a whole so I’m not really sure what to make of that…

On the other hand I feel like I’d have a better social life at NTU and get to experience the whole uni lifestyle with it being a more campus based uni. However I’m not too keen on Nottingham as a city and I’m not sure if I could live there for 3+ years.

Sorry for the long winded response! Any insight on either courses/unis would be greatly appreciated. I’d love to hear from anyone who either studies the courses or goes to the unis! Thanks!

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