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Dilenma on whether to withdraw from Nanyang Technological University

NTU= Nanyang Technological University in SG not nottingham trent university

Hi everyone I am a freshman Japanese international student (18F) who is studying Biological Sciences. I am in a dilenma on whether to withdraw from NTU or not. I did not sign any tuition grant at all. I am planning to transfer from NTU to Imperial College London Medical Biosciences as I felt that NTU's Biological sciences is not closely related to the Biomedical side of things as theres no virology,psychology,neurology or pharmacology in terms of the single major without any second major. I kind of feel that NTU's ICC modules like CC0001,CC0003 and CC0005 modules are not clearly useful and almost take up one third of the Biological sciences curriculum.I personally feel that the Biological sciences curriculum here is more focused on the study of Biochemistry and Cellular Biology.My place from Imperial College London got confirmed 1 week ago which was kind of late after I met the conditions of the offer which is 4 A* in the UK A level results (March 2023). I took Biology,Chemistry,Physics and Mathematics. On the other hand I have weighed the pros of NTU in terms of the cheaper cost of living, Team Based Learning approach in most classes which cultivate a collaborative culture among peers and the strong sense of attachment to Singapore as I did study here before in secondary school before heading to UK. Nevertheless,Imperial college seems to be much more internationally renowned among employers and better in the QS rankings in 2024. I need some unbiased views on the study culture and experiences of NTU before I make a final decision as Im in a race against time to avoid paying for school fees in NTU 🫤. Thank you for reading this and provide some advice to me please. I wish you all a pleasent semester ahead :smile:

Edit: I really wanna pursue the postgraduate path for medicine as I got rejected from med schs in UK and SG

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