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Degree apprenticeship or more prestigious university?

I recently received offers from imperial college and a degree apprenticeship offer from Rolls Royce (both in materials science) I know that both offer very different lifestyles but which do you think will lead to the best long term career outcomes and career mobility (I have always had a fear of closing doors so would like to keep options open in finance or consultancy.) I have also considered taking a STEM bursary from the RAF which would fund my university degree at imperial in return for me serving 4 years as an engineering officer.
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Both are extremely good, but you have to look into employability and how likely you are to recurve a job, and ultimately the amount of income each qualification will bring. Ultimately we go for jobs that will be of most virtues in terms of money and how likely we can move up in. I would say degree apprenticeship, espically from a good company, are very good. It’s only because it would keep you more motivated to ‘move up the chain’ since you are being paid as well. Also, there’s more chance of employment comig out of it!

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