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GCSE revision journey

Just started revising for gcses, using it as a note of what I’ve done! Any tips will be appreciated

Grades as of now vs predicted from teachers:
Physics 6 vs 8/9
maths 7 vs 8/9
French 7 vs 9
Biology 8 vs 9
Geography 8 vs 9
English language 9
English literature 9
Religious studies 9
Business 9
Chemistry 9

I’m not worried for French, religious studies and business. I’ve revised chapter one and two for chemistry, magnetism, radioactivity and half of wires for physics, most of geography paper 1+2 minus the case studies. Going to English support sessions and maths, 2 hours maths tuition a week.
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Generally, as with any revision, active recall techniques are a go-to. That and past exams. Good luck! You’ve got this!

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