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Throwing up from stress/anxiety

I'm having the week from hell and it's only Wednesday morning. Got rejected from what feels like the 1000th job (I've been unemployed for 9 months, constantly interviewing but getting nowhere), worried about how I'm gonna have to pay for the master's course I'm doing from September with all my life savings, a friend who is constantly negative and pessimistic in my DMs when I'm desperately trying to be positive, so much uncertainty in my life, living far from all of my friends, and to top it off, last night I found pictures of the guy I've been talking to for months with another girl.

I think the last thing broke me because within an hour of finding that out, I started being physically sick. I've had anxiety for as long as I can remember but my symptoms have never been anything more than nausea, so I was surprised when it happened. I feel so weak and unwell, I only managed to sleep for 3 hours last night, and I'm just kind of at a loss as to what to do. It feels like I'm going crazy.

Has anyone else experienced this reaction to stress/anxiety?
Hiya firstly I just wanted to say I’m sorry things seem really difficult for you at the minute and I can’t understand how awful this must be. Personally, I have unfortunately a lot of experience with nausea and IBS type symptoms. I would definitely look into IBS and if you can get through, I know that can be challenging, but it is important to speak to your GP and seek more advice and see if there’s any medication or anything they can give to you. Anxiety is awful and it’s not often talked about how much she can impact you physically. I’d also recommend having a look at anxiety U.K.’s website as they’ve got quite quite a lot of helpful resources on there and you can ring their helpline as well and speak to medical professionals. hope this helps take care of yourself❤️

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