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English lit OCR A Level

How do I revise for English literature OCR A Level and also what revision resources do I make
Hiya, I didn’t do OCR, but I’d recommend making mine with key quotes for each character/sane/theme this can help to summarise key points and also is helpful when you’re doing general overview of the text. I’d also recommend having a look on Quizlet as there is a lot of premade resources on there already and it’s helpful for a quick and easy revision. Practice papers are good and even if you don’t have time to write out full essays, you can do essay plans with your key points which will help you get into the mindset of doing it in the exam. What books are you studying? I hope your exams go really well and let me know if you have any more questions
Hi thank you that's so kind of you to respond, I study Richard III, Brave new world and the handmaids tale and am also currently doing rapture for coursework. Also what do you mean by doing key quotes for each sane? thank you x
Sorry, spelling mistake from me I meant each scene

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