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Do I need to learn quotes if AO2 not assessed? (OCR A Level English Lit)

I study OCR A level English Lit and I'm in A2. I am mostly concerned about the comparison question in paper 1 and paper 2. For paper 1 I have to compare Rossetti poetry and A Doll's House. For paper 2 I have to compare The Bloody Chamber and The Wasp Factory. I have just started revising for The Bloody Chamber and I was wondering whether I actually need to learn quotes since the question does not assess AO2, but I didn't know whether it came under AO1. I found on the OCR website that quotes "would still be credited" but "It is fine for students to use close textual references; they do not always have to use direct quotation." I am struggling to remember everything for english lit and I am looking to get an A/B so am wondering whether it would be best to learn some or not?

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