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psychology at loughborough

I’m thinking of firming my offer for studying psychology at lboro just wondering a few things..

- would the first year be a bit dull for someone who’s just done a level psychology? I would be turning down offers at quite prestigious unis and my parents are worried I won’t be pushed enough (imo a chilled first year doesn’t sound too bad lol)
- I know there are optimal modules offered; how long do these go on for? is it a significant part of the content or just a few extra lectures?
- and generally for studying there any thoughts on which accom is best? I was planning on self catered, do they all have a pretty good friendly vibe?

I currently go to Loughborough, and although I study Chemistry and not psychology, I do work with the Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Experience, so I have a lot of knowledge about the module system.

1) Obviously, I can't comment on the actual content of the Psychology modules, but rest assured that the level of difficulty will quickly pick up. Semester 1 will be mostly about bringing everyone up to the same level, as you'll find people from different countries around you who will all have done different syllabi. Semester 2 is when the content difficulty will start to pick up.

2) Optional modules are usually for one or two semesters. They are the ones you can choose on top of the core lectures, to suit your interests but they form part of the curriculum as they help make up the 120 credits you need in a year. For example, Y1 Psychology has 3 compulsory modules in semester 1 which are all 20 credits (60 credits in S1) and 2 compulsory modules in semester 2 which are all 20 credits (40 credits in S2). A full academic year is 120 credits, so in S2 you will need to choose a 20 credit module out of 3 options. You can find more information about Psychology here:,PROG_YEAR,SPEC_YEAR:PSUB13,24,24#pw
If you look at the programme outline, you can find out about all the different modules you'll be taking and you can even click on the modules to get more information about how they are assessed etc.

3) Accommodation wise there is no right or wrong accommodation. Halls of residence form a pretty integral part of your first year experience, so wherever you end up, you will have a great time. Try not to be too focussed on getting a self-catered (ensuite). I was lucky to get into Claudia Parsons (self-catered and en-suite) but Towers (shared bathroom, catered) was my second choice. I would even go as far as saying that catered accommodation might even be better, as it will give you the opportunity to meet loads of people at meal times. Everyone I know who was in a catered accommodation has loved it!

I hope this helps, but feel free to message me if you have any more questions :smile:
Students on campus at Loughborough University
Loughborough University
Also just to add:

Loughborough is an amazing place academically (top 10 in the UK for at least the past 5-7 years), but it also offers a wide range of amazing opportunities that will help you develop your personal as well as your professional skills!

Over the years I have been able to get involved in fundraising for Alzheimer's Research UK after which I did a skydive
I have volunteered over 25 hours every year in local nurseries, elderly homes or at Alpaca Farms
I have been able to be part of 2 sport clubs and sitting on their committees
I have been on my hall committee as well as my department committee
And now I work for the Student's Union as an executive officer where I am responsible for a multi-million pound charity!

Whatever you do, don't discount Loughborough because it might not be as well-known as other universities.
It will give you so much more than just a degree, and I truly value everything I have been able to get involved with at University.
I am fortunate to have gotten an offer to study a Master's at both Oxford and Cambridge, and even though I have always wanted to study there, I would never have gotten those offers if it wasn't for all of the opportunities I was offered here at Loughborough!

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